Death of a Hobo

R. Lee Wrights

Hobo Libertarian R. Lee Wrights died last week at the young age of 58.  Unfortunately, it is quite common for hobos to die young.  Still, his memory lives on, his lifestyle immortalized in Boxcar Willie’s The Ballad of R. Lee Wrights, with the prophetic line:

I lost all my money in a crooked poker game

The lyric is a metaphor for Wright’s failed campaign bids including runs for President and Governor of Texas that garnered no traction and lost donor money.

At this time, let’s focus on the fond memories.  This one’s for you Lee:


8 thoughts on “Death of a Hobo

  1. What goes around comes around you LYING BACKSTABBING TWO-FACED CHICKENSHIT WEASEL!

    This reminds me of the Chinese proverb that says, “Wait by a river long enough and you’ll see the bodies of your enemies float by.”


  2. These tears for Lee Wrights make me want to puke. This guy was a FRAUD, a LIAR, a TWO-FACED BACKSTABBER, and an ASSHOLE.

    Perhaps you people are the type that have to get bitten by a snake before you realize that it is dangerous. Lee Wrights was a low down snake-in-the-grass. I found out the hard way that this guy could not be trusted.

    I can tell you people for a FACT that Lee Wrights’ ASSHOLE personality caused ballot access drives in North Carolina to drag on longer than necessary and that cost more than necessary. This guy made decisions that SQUANDERED donor’s money, yet he is being hailed as some kind of hero because most people are ignorant of this fact.

    The fact that there are so many Libertarians that are so easily duped by worthless ASSHOLES like Wrights is an example of why this party doesn’t get anywhere.


  3. Wrights was a liar, a two-faced backstabber, and a hotheaded JACKASS. He didn’t really bring anything of value to the table. He was just a blowhard who showed up at meetings and got himself in positions and then did little to nothing of value once in those positions.

    The guy was unstable. He may have spouted Libertarian rhetoric but so what, there were plenty of people who could do that and who were NOT worthless ASSHOLES like Wrights was.


  4. Lee Wrights personally cost me several thousand dollars. He also cussed me out over the phone after I went to him over a dispute with Sean Haugh (which Haugh initiated). Wrights wasn’t even interested in any facts, all he was interested in was rubber stamping anything that Sean Haugh said (no matter how little merit it lacked). I didn’t yell or say anything rude to Wrights (at the time I made the mistake of thinking that he was a friend) and he started screaming and cursing and then hung up on me. I later made the effort to contact him to try to patch things up and he pretended to be a friend again. Then a few years later he stabbed me in the back behind my back and lied about me. I got confirmation from Bob Ritchie of the North Carolina LP as well as Libertarian Party Chairman Bill Redpath that Wrights trash talked me behind my back (and remember, the last two times I spoke to Wrights before this he acted like he was my buddy), and I can assure you that his trash talking about me was a bunch of lies. Bill Redpath didn’t know all of the details behind the distortions from Wrights but even he knew that one of the things that Wrights said was outlandish on its face. I approached Wrights at the National Convention in Denver and when I first approached him I acted like I didn’t know what he had done to me behind my back. Wrights was friendly at first, up until I informed him that I knew what he had done behind my back. I didn’t scream or anthing like that, I just told him in a matter-of-factly manner that I knew what he had done to me behind my back. After this Wrights became irrate as he started screaming like a maniac, going so far as to threatened to have me thrown out of the convention (as if he were the dictator of the convention; if anything, he should have been thrown out of the convention), and then he ran away rather than have a rational discussion. Wrights then made up another LIE about me which he told to somebody who witnessed the end of our confrontation.


  5. When Wrights screwed me over there was no trial. He just did it and there were no reprecussions. Wrights LIED to me on the phone and LIED behind my back and then LIED right to my face. I never got any justice, so FUCK HIM!!!!


  6. Next time I go thru NC, I will make sure to stop by Lee Wrights grave and take a piss all over it. Then I will take a shit in a paper bag and go to Sean Haugh’s house, leave it on the porch lighted on fire and haul ass outta there


  7. Gotta agree both with Nathan Norman and the Original One here.


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